Sound Designing course

Learn Sound Designing and sound Recording with Pro Tools and Nuendo – Mumbai Digital Films Academy.One Year Full Time & Six Months Certified Course

We do conduct Short Term Course of Three Months & One Month Workshop Course.
sound designing course in mumbai
Sound Designing is an upcoming and popular career option; this is a key role all through production and post-production. As a Sound Designer, you'll be responsible for everything the audience hears. The Sound Designer has to be a master of many different disciplines and technologies, and to have exceptional teamwork and people skills.

Students of Mumbai Digital Films Academyworks closely with the Director and a range of other staff to create the aural world of the show, the Sound Designer may create sound effects, atmospheres, sonic textures and filmic ambiences that will create naturalistic and abstract worlds for the show's story, as well as aid the audience's emotional and dramatic connection with the performance. This might also include the use of props onstage or other offstage effects

Student of Mumbai Digital Films Academy do get their hands on experience on Nuendo and Pro Tools for sound and Music Editing at Our Sound Studio.Also Get to work with Director and Editor using software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro at our Editing Studio.

Student gets expertise in Sync Sound Recording During Shoot

Our Student do 15 Short Films in a Year.

Duration - Film Sound Dsigning Course

One Year Full Time Course in Film Direction - Weekly 5 days classes

Six Months Certified Course in Film Direction - Weekly 4 days classes

Three Months Short Term Course - Weekly 4 days classes

One Month Workshop Course in Film Direction - Weekly 3 days classes

Sound Designing: Career Information

You may work on a variety of productions including, Feature films, television programs, music videos, corporate training videos, Commercials, Radio, Music Studio and Theatre

Sound designers and composers begin their work by studying the script, gathering as much information as they can about any sound or music it calls for. As in all other aspects of design, an early meeting with the director and the design team is essential to get a clear understanding of the production concept.

Some directors will already have very clear ideas about what the sound effects and/or music should sound like, while others may request that the sound designer/composer sit in on rehearsals to assist with developing effects and music to fit the specific contexts in which they will be used. Once they have a precise sense of what the production needs out of the music or sound, the composer begins composing the necessary musical pieces and the sound designer begins to gather and create the necessary sounds.

Learning by doing

"Learning by doing" is our Moto which is strictly followed by faculty members of Mumbai Digital Films Academy.. Our faculty members pass on up-do-date practical skills and theoretical knowledge that is wholly relevant to a new generation of film makers. As our faculty members are active practitioners of this film industry, we recognize that they also need to be able to communicate their knowledge effectively and inspire those they teach.

Softwares :

Nuendo - Sound and Music editing and Recording software used for Film & Video Editing

Pro Tools - A non-linear Sound and Music editing and Recording software used for Film & Video Editing

Final Cut Pro7 - A non-linear video editing software used for Film & Video Editing

Final Cut Pro X - A non-linear video editing software used for Film & Video Editing

Adobe Premiere pro CC - Digital Non-Linear Editing to edit, manipulate, and export.

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