Mumbai Digital Films Academy

Course is designed by expert panel from the film industry.

Our goal is to give students the basic tools & practical Hands-on experience needed for film making.This lays a Solid foundation for future work. The student will apply what they have learned to whichever path they take.Each student write, direct, edit, & engages in constructive discussion. The student learn from the experience gained through this process , & the learning process continues.

15 Short Films in a Year

Film Making is the process of making a film, from an initial story idea, script writing, casting, shooting, editing, and screening.It’s always a good piece of advice that makes several short films before tackling a feature film. The process of learning how to make a movie is cyclical, meaning you have to go through the entire process of learning at least once just to begin to understand the craft.“Our Student does 15 Short Films in a Year.”

Telling a story

In a dramatic motion picture, the story is told by many people. The cinematographer tells the story with the camera & lighting. The film composer tells the story with music. The actors tell the story with action and dialog. The editor tells the story with editing. The sound designer tells the story with sound. You have to learn all of this….. As a filmmaker, you must learn all of these aspects if you fail to learn even one of these skills, people will notice and be turned off by your movie. So you must learn everything...

Students During the shoot of short films